First Steps in Film

Have you been seeing some gorgeous film images and had your curiosity sparked about this, the original form of photography? Well, let's learn together!

This two-session, eight hour workshop is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of film photography. In First Steps in Film, we'll explore the basics of shooting film, from different camera formats and film stocks, to how to meter for black and white and color film, down choosing and working with your lab.

All you'll need is a 35mm film camera (a hand-held, working light meter is helpful, but we will discuss these in class), and a willingness to experiment and have fun!


March 24 & April 7, 2018
$200 per person, limited to 6 students

Registration opens in 2018, but contact me now for more information and to get your name on the list! I can't wait to start having some fun together!



Make the Most Classes

These beginner sessions are designed for those who want to learn more about their cameras and the basics of digital photography. These quick classes are great for friends who want to explore photography together or those who can't commit to a six-week photography course.

In Make the Most classes you'll learn the basics of manual camera functions, how to understand exposure and light, and simple tricks for better composition in your images.

Make the Most lessons work two ways. I'll announce dates throughout the year when I'll be holding classes in my home. Classes last four hours over two sessions. If you can't make the dates I have scheduled, grab some friends you might want to hang with, blow the dust off your cameras and contact me! We'll work out some dates and times to create a fun and meaningful experience for you.

All you need is a camera with manual settings and I'll do the rest! Make the Most classes are geared around easy-to-understand information. We'll have some snacks, take-home information and a ton of FUN!

May 5 & 12
$85 per person, limited to six students


Together we'll look at eight to ten of your photos, pulling out areas of strength and room to focus on for improvement. We'll pinpoint some work you can do to create stronger, more cohesive images and discuss where your passions lie as well as ideas for future projects. I'll put together a mini assignment, which may include some reading as well as shooting projects, and we'll reconnect after you complete it so that we can go over your work, answer more questions and set you on a path going forward.


2 One-Hour Sessions, $125
1 hour Follow-Up Session, $65 (optional)

Quick Email Questions, always free


Q&A Session

We can cover any of your questions, from the technical ones, such as metering and exposure, to the creative ones, such as shooting style and composition. Need help picking a personal project or considering a new lens? Ask me anything!


1 hour, $85
1 hour Follow-Up Session, $65 (optional)
Quick Email Questions, always free

Workshops, Mini Classes and Private Lessons

Throughout the year I offer workshops and mini classes and I teach private lessons as well. Shoot me an email (laurenlkeim [at] gmail [dot] com), and I'll add you to the mailing list so you'll be the first to know when new classes pop up on the calendar.