Books raised me. As an only child, books were the siblings that populated the winding roads of my earliest days. They were the brothers I roamed the fields with at sunrise, and the sisters who huddled alongside me with flashlights under blanket forts. The sentences I've read, fragments of songs I've loved, even snippets of poems, they all continue to be my every day companions. I now know that those words revealed to me the uncharted landscapes of our human connections, and I've come to understand that it's in the still, small details of our everyday lives that we reveal who we truly are. Those are the moments I want to illuminate through my lens.


Lauren grew up surrounded by the mountains of eastern Tennessee and now makes her home along the coastal waters of southeastern Virginia. Since 2014 she has been shooting both 35mm and medium format film, often relying on just one camera and one lens to explore the relationship between her visual experience and the written word.