on living lightly


I’ve been in England a week now, traveling from Heathrow straight to the Cotswolds and back to the city. I’ve met the loveliest of people and stayed in (already!) some amazing homes and pubs. I’ve taken some spectacular walks and eaten some stellar food.


As enriching and illuminating as travel can be, it can sometimes set you adrift, and I feel aware of this fact as I’ve already slept in five different beds in three different homes in my short time here. When nearly every single experience is a new experience, it can be hard to find the inner core of yourself in the center of it all, and I knew that if I struggled with anything in my time here, it would be that.


I’m trying to live lightly during my time here, balancing that sense of fully rooting myself to this place while being fully aware that I’m not in my space. It’s like walking tenderly through someone’s garden so you’re careful not to trod on the flowers. So I’m constantly aware of my impact on other people’s spaces. I’m trying to live as contained as possible, and that’s been good for me. Cleaning up after myself instead of leaving all my crap spread out all over the table… what a revelation!


But I’m also trying to make sure I tend to myself in this time of flux. I’m trying to keep to my routines as much as possible. Morning writing. Daytime work. Evening reading. I’m making sure to get pockets of time alone, knowing how much I’ll need them to keep me going. And music. Keeping my music on and going has grounded me in a sense of self the way few other things have.

Are these travel tips? I hardly think so! If you want those, I’d say, pack small bags for all your little things like cords and pills and notebooks, all to put in your bigger bag, It’ll be easier to keep things organized. Oh, and don’t forget a pair of black trousers.

Today, more London. Tomorrow back to Devon. I can’t wait.